About The Host App

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Great user experience for both diners and merchants

  • Range of restaurants

    Range of restaurants

    Explore a wide range of restaurants and reserve easily

  • Greater outreach

    Greater outreach

    Register your restaurant on Host now and get more diners

Reach your customers easily

Create a customer business profile

  • Manage your business information, contact page and business hours
  • Manage seating categories, available seating and areas
  • Choose your partner plan and features based on your needs
  • Review diner history and other metrics

Customer service support

  • View and modify bookings, queueing and cancellations
  • Assign tables in the app directly
  • Choose reservation slots manually
  • View complaints and enquiries

Reservations analysis

  • View reservation statistics at the site level for your different branches
  • Track number of completed bookings
  • Receive live updates on reservations and reach your customers seamlessly in-app
  • Track cancellations and no shows
  • Manage your virtual queuing system

Marketing solutions

  • Submit listings to promote your restaurant
  • Analyze success of marketing activities on our platform
  • Upload one to three custom images of your location and food
  • Increase your revenues
  • Provide a reliable service
  • View real time data
Empowering restaurants to deliver high-quality service
  • Register your restaurant

  • Register your restaurant

  • Register your restaurant

  • Register your restaurant

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    Book reservations easily suitable for any of your special occasions

    Frequently asked questions

    How can I register my restaurant on The Host?

    To register your restaurant to The Host app, please register on https://thehostapp.com. The Host team will send you the admin dashboard credentials once reviewed and approved.

    Can I have multiple branches for my restaurant?

    Yes, you can add multiple branches for your restaurant. The branches will be visible as separate restaurants on the application.

    Can I create multiple user accounts?

    Yes, you can create multiple user accounts for your restaurant and their branches. This feature is available under Restaurant operations - User management, where you can create a new user and assign roles for a specific restaurant and branch.

    How can I set reservation or queuing features?

    Each restaurant branch can decide to select either one of the 2 features - Reservation or Queuing. For both the features, 4 steps must be followed, i.e., setting the seating limit category, adding tables, setting turn turns and then finally setting the slots. A guide on how to set these settings is available on the dashboard.